Watercolours from various countries

Sumatra, Indonesia 1985

Luxemburg, 1970's.

Mamaturk, this is a copy of a postcard I found of an oil painting which I liked very much. I can't recall the name of the artist sorry. I was really pleased with my version despite it being a copy of someone else's work.

Pub in western Ireland, 1970's

Aubu Simbel, Egypt, 1985.

Traditional costumes, Spakenburg, Netherlands 1980's

The view from my apartment in Chicago, 1995.

Farafra village, Western Desert, Egypt, 1985

Ireland, 1980's

Inisheer women, Ireland, 1980's

Wool shed, Australia, 1986

Atol, New Caledonia 1986

Shed Austrian Alps.

Bag in Tiglin Adventure Centre, Ireland.

Borobudur, Indonesia, 1986

San Giovanni i Venere, Abruzzo, Italy, 1996.
The last watercolour I ever did.